Ace Remaps For Better Towing In Worcester

Remap For Better Towing

Remap For Better Towing

Whether you want an Ace Remap for towing a trailer for your business, or you tow a caravan for pleasure, it’s always nice to have that extra dollop of power to help you get up hills and overtake safely.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to change up & down the gearbox because your car, 4x4, pickup or van needs a bit more low down grunt to get you where you're going.

Ace Remaps Worcester can finely tune and optimize your vehicles ECU to increase the power and torque to give you that extra grunt, and we can increase them safely by up to 35% in many cases.

Our remap will make a massive difference to how easily your car, van, motorhome or 4x4 will be able to tow your caravan, trailer or horsebox, and make towing a lot more relaxing and pleasurable.

Custom Towing Remaps For Your Specific Vehicle

Ace Remaps Worcester GUARANTEE to make your car, 4x4, pickup or horsebox more powerful and more relaxing to drive, as well as have better throttle response and smoother power delivery than a standard vehicle with our Towing remap. Speak to us at Ace Remaps Worcester for full details & prices on 01905 854 850

We only create and install custom written and optimized towing maps for your individual vehicle and specific needs. Here’s some more information...

We only produce and install premium quality products delivered with excellent customer service, which in our opinion make us 'the best in the business!' and here's why....

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Written Mechanical & Electrical Warranty
  • Custom Written Maps To Suit YOU
  • Lifetime Software Warranty

Remapping Details For YOUR Vehicle

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We know the improvement an Ace towing remap gives to the pulling power of a vehicle, and we're so confident of the extra grunt you'll get, that we GUARANTEE IT or you can have ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK within 30 days of having your vehicle remapped.

Towing Remap Case Study

The owner of this Kia used it for towing his caravan regularly, and wanted a some more low down power when the caravan was hitched on the back . These were the increased figures we were able to generate for him -

Vehicle: Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi

Standard Power: 138 bhp

Remapped BHP: 175 bhp

Standard Torque: 314 Nm

Remapped Torque: 385 Nm

Extra Benefits: Easier/safer overtaking, less turbo lag, nicer to drive, lower CO2

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Will An Ace Remap Damage My Engine?
You can be assured that we only increase the performance within safe limits that the engine is easily capable of handling. All Remaps come with a written warranty to assure you of our confidence in their reliability.

Can Car Dealers Tell Its Been Mapped?
All tuning files installed by Ace Remapping Worcester are custom written, using the original map from your car. This means that it is virtually undetectable by the service equipment used if you take it to a main dealer for any service or warranty work.

How Long Does It Take To Do A Remap?
Most of the Worcester remapping takes around 1 to 2 hours from start to finish. This includes our pre-map checks and post remap testing once the upgraded remap has been loaded to make sure everything operates correctly.

What Guarantees Do You Give?
We're so confident you'll love your remap that we give a 30 day full money back guarantee. You also get a written warranty which covers the software and any damage caused in the unlikely event of a mechanical/electrical problem directly proved to be due to our remap (see full details)

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